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About Us


Pachamama Latin School is an unique independent and immersive Spanish language service, with a holistic educative approach, in which learning experiences such as cooking, gardening, music, dancing, juggling  are taught in Spanish

Participants are fully immersed in the target language for most of the lesson or day

The service is situated in Byron Bay Area.

We offer private tuition from preschoolers to adults where you are. 


Run by an experienced and highly qualify Teacher, coming from Latin cultural background.

We promote a holistic education based on environmental consciousness, encouraging eco-friendly practices. We believe that care for our environment should be a shared responsibility, and as we are part of a community, we should contribute to the well-being of our surrounding lands and our planet. 


We facilitate a fun, flexible, and respectful atmosphere for sharing and learning in a small group setting, one on one or larger groups in educational centres and schools, in order to develop and improve Spanish language skills.

Also offering education and care for children with special needs in order to support their general development with a high standard of care. Spanish immersion optional. 

We believe our participants are able to develop and improve different skills while they are learning Spanish  in an immersive way.​


Meet the team

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